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Miss Sixty

In the 1960s , young Wicky and his family sought refuge in Rome, where they had to start their lives all over again. With an interest in art and design, he opened ‘ENERGIE’ in 1983. It was A STORE FOR TREND-SEEKERS and it became a huge success. Wicky then Co-founded the Sixty Group in 1989 and in 1991 the Miss Sixty brand was born, creating a vivid and unique voice in the world of fashion.

Wicky’s long standing passion for Pop Art and retro classics manifested itself as fashion inspiration and in the objects he chose to collect and surround himself with. Never has there been such a concentrate period of cultural exchange, collision and expression than from 1965-1975 from London to New York to San Francisco, fashion, music, politics. Art underwent a transformation that fascinated our founder and continues to fascinate us.

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE was Wicky’s belief and as he chose to have no limits with his imagination, Denim took on a new meaning, a cross-pollination of Denim and Fashion that brought to life amazing creations that gave Miss Sixty’s fans a constant craving for innovation. Fashion Denim lives on in Miss Sixty.