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The strength of any successful brand lies in its identity. Because of it, Fiorucci has been able to remain young through three decades, always setting the pace for the latest products and fashion trends, fulfilling young consumers desires and needs.

When the shops didn’t know yet the concept of “total look” (and above all “life-style”), when the young people started to manifest a need of behavioral, social, and existential changes, the shop Fiorucci of San Babila in Milan becomes immediately their point of reference.

It was in fact the first multi-brand mini-department store where not only suits and accessories were sold, but also gadgets, food and drinks. And above all it offered a unique atmosphere, created by the music, the perfumes, the magic of the fun and the transgression. A multisensory experience. Soon other shops proliferated everywhere, in New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris, in Europe and in Italy.

Generous in the abundance of ideas, provocative and ironic in the communication, revolutionary in the presentation, the Fiorucci style has remained in the heart of the consumers for a long time: loved by stars and famous people in the field of art and show business, but always accessible to all the pockets!