Fion Poon

Fion Poon International Sdn. Bhd

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Fion Poon is inspired by her mentor Dato’ Professor Jimmy Choo O.B.E, and the label is making great efforts to promote heritage into the fashion scene. Fion Poon studied under Choo for eight years and has now started two lines of shoes and handbags made from batik and songket, traditional art and wear in Malaysia.

Her aim has been specifically to make Malaysians proud, and in the process she has made the international fashion community raise their eyebrows at the potential of such Malaysian based designers. Unique in her signature style she hopes to make Malaysia proud.

“The Malaysian batik industry has been challenging and exciting. And like everything else in life, we are constantly required to change and innovate to keep ahead. Change is the only constant. If we don’t confront, adapt and change we may not survive.┬áTo continue learning and to remain inspired are the most important aspect of a designer’s life. The journey has been challenging but it was satisfying. 25 years as a designer taught me a great deal and continue to teach me as I go about my passion.” – Fion Poon


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