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The Asadi brand is the brainchild of Jooi Brothers Sdn Bhd. The Jooi Brothers’ manufacturing facility was established in 1980 as a modest affair. It enjoys a 7-acre industrial site in Penang, Malaysia where it makes as many as 20,000 pairs of sandals a day. Jooi Brothers is the first footwear manufacturer in Malaysia to use the Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Injection Mould Technology.

Asadi footwear is comfortable, durable, stylish and affordable. And so it has been since the brand first made its appearance in 1980. Over the years, Asadi has captured the attention and loyalty of many by making the kind of footwear that people are comfortable wearing. Asadi is imaginative and feels good, affordably priced and stylish.

After more than 20 years of making shoes, sandals, slippers and more, we consider ourselves specialists in this category. So we continue to define footwear with our wide range of products from the classics such as Asadi Basic, Asadi Active, Health Sandals, School Shoes, Ultralite Sandals, Children Shoes to the latest styles in the Flipper’s collection.


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